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Whether its a flight within the United States or a flight to places like China, India or Europe, Air Escort is at your service to take care of the needs of your family member. Air Escort provides superior air medical escort services to the elderly, sick and injured patients both domestically and internationally utilizing the existing commercial airline system. With the economy like it is these days, its comforting to know that our services can save families thousands of dollars off the traditional Air Ambulance cost while providing excellent care and safe transportation. We offer highly trained critical care nurses who are both licensed as well as screened by us to assure we are providing you with the best care possible. Our flight nurses come from very diverse backgrounds including helicopter transport services, emergency departments and fixed wing air ambulance experience. Our network of flight nurses encompasses every corner of the world with offices in the United States. Air Escort has superior VIP services that assure your patient or family member will receive the highest level of attention and detail to make traveling as easy as possible. We have extensive experience in medical escort and have completed hundreds of trips every year offering comfortable, safe, worry free travel. Our patients range from those able to walk to totally immobile needing lifting assistance and unable to care for themselves. We offer a great alternative to expensive air ambulances-sometimes as much as a quarter of the price-while still providing equal or better care!

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