Med Flight 911

We provide worldwide air medical transport with an emphasis on experienced, compassionate care.


Our low cost air ambulance memberships protect you and your family from costly medical evacuations–no hidden fees, no deductibles, no ‘pre-existing’ restrictions.

Jet I.C.U.

The reasons for air ambulance transport vary. Getting injured while on vacation, organ transplant, and moving to specialized care are just a few.

Mercy Jets

Mercy Jets is a professional air ambulance and medical escort service that provides medical transportation for people with health issues

American Air Ambulance

American Air Ambulance and its emergency air care service is the trusted leader for medical air transportation internationally.

Air Ambulance Specialists

Founded in 2002, Air Ambulance Specialists, Inc. / AASI Air Ambulance (AASI) arranges domestic and international air medical transportation.

Air Ambulance Worldwide

Our air ambulance flight staff has medevac capabilities for reliable bed to bed service for private individuals and family members on all parts of the globe.

National Jets

An urgent call is received in the middle of the night from the U.S. Coast Guard requesting assistance with the rescue of a critically injured passenger aboard a sailboat in a remote Caribbean port.  These calls may be commonplace today, … Continued