US Medevac

US Medevac is an internationally recognized and and highly acclaimed provider of worldwide air ambulance and medevac services. US Medevac’s air medical transport services also include bedside-to-bedside service throughout the world. Our mission is to safely transport our patients in a manner consistent with our core values of excellence in patient care, integrity, safety, and customer service. US Medevac works diligently with case managers, insurance providers and families to provide the best air ambulance services possible in the most cost effective manner.

Medway Air Ambulance

Medway Air Ambulance has transported over 10,000 patients worldwide since 1987. Utilizing state of the art medical equipments, and the most experienced medical personnel available. No distance is too far, and no transport is too dificult for Medway Air Ambulance.

Lifenet EMS

LifeNet provides cost effective, high quality ground and air ambulance services. The company’s emergency medical services and non-emergency ambulance operation currently respond to more than 34,000 annual calls and covers more than 4,500 square miles with a fleet of 35 Mobile Intensive Care units (MICU).

Air Ambulance 1

Air Ambulance 1 provides a high level of quality and compassionate service. Our worldwide network alliance allows us to provide services from/to virtually anywhere in the world in a timely manner.

US Air Ambulance

Established in 1990, U.S. Air Ambulance is a leading international medical transport company. We have transported more than 97,000 patients across America and around the globe – more than any other air ambulance company. We are proud of our 100 percent safety record.


Medflightone is the most reliable and technologically advanced international air ambulance company in the world. We are a full-service air ambulance company that specializes in the safe transport of you and your loved ones across distances both short and long, domestic and international, for all of your medical needs.